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TMT Sponsors The Waterside Food Project Community Fridges

We are delighted to be covering the energy costs for The Waterside Food Project Community Fridges at Hythe Library, which is committed to reducing food waste across The Waterside.

The Waterside Food Project was created by Lucie from New Forest Aquaponics and with the support from Hythe Library and Hampshire County Council, as well as other local businesses and organisations saw the Hythe Community Fridges officially launch on Monday, 10th July 2023.

Lucie said: "It has been quite a long journey to this point - about 18 months, but we are now open! As a community fridge we are a food waste project, saving supermarket surplus food from waste rather than being a food bank, but if we can help people along the way then that's even better! The fridge is in Hythe Library, Hampshire, and many thanks to everyone at the library for allowing us to invade your space and give your staff and volunteers so much more to do! A special thank you to Blackfield Baptist Church for the purchase of the main freezer.

We would also like to say a huge Thank You to TMT Legal Services LLP who are powering the community fridge. Without their commitment to ensure our energy costs were covered we would not have been able to set the fridge up.

And lastly, a huge thank you to our drivers who collect the food and our fridge volunteers who keep the food the fridge topped up during the day so we hope as many people can access the food as possible.

The fridge is there for all to use, so please do be mindful of how much you take, but please do pop in and have a look next time you are in the library. Grab yourself a treat, or a jar of jam, or a Waterside boomerang bags".

Claire Terrill, TMT Legal Services Managing Partner said: "This is another local cause supported and sponsored by TMT Legal Services LLP. We are committed to giving back to our communities and this is just one of many we have supported this year. The Partners and I are proud of our hardworking team which gives us the opportunity to do so."


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